The little things add up.  That is what I am discovering as I try to organize my life. I mean that physically and mentally.  Here in Alabama we enjoy fairly warm temperatures year round. If and when it does snow it may only be once or twice per year. The point of this was that I decided to start hanging out my laundry. There are several benefits to this:

1. Simply the smell of laundry that has dried in the sun smells absolutely wonderful. It brings back memories of my childhood. I remember looking out the back door and seeing my mother hanging out the laundry on the lines as a child. I especially loved the bath towels that had been hung outside. When the day was done and it was time for a bath I could not wait to wrap myself in one of those towels.  Laying underneath a sheet that had been touched by the sun ensured I would have sweet dreams that night.

2. Another reason I decided to start hanging out the laundry is for financial reasons. As as mentioned before, the little things add up. Having gone through a divorce and a sharp cut into the budget, I have to make every penny count. I am experimenting with ways to cut down on the power bill.  I will talk about some of those other things in a later blog.  I found an interesting website which talks about the cost of running a dryer.  It said that it costs about $.30 – $.40 per load. Yes, it may not seem like a lot. That is just an average.  But it is money being saved by not using it. If you are interested in learning more about that, please visit the website

3. My third reason for taking my laundry out of doors is the sheer enjoyment of being out of doors. It is absolutely beautiful outside today. There is a slight breeze in the air. The feel of it blowing through my hair and the sun shining down on my face is a feeling like no other. I have had it with laying on the couch all day with the television on. Any excuse to get outside is enough for me, even if it is doing the laundry.

The word “chore” has become a negative word as if someone is being forced to do something against their will.   According to a chore is a routine job. That is not necessarily bad. I try to make anything I do an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to be outdoors, an opportunity to be green and save money, an opportunity to talk to your neighbor (something that has, in modern times, fallen to the wayside).  In our modern day society we have moved ourselves into a fast paced race to see who can get what and more of things first.  We no longer appreciate or are satisfied with the things we have. Even the enjoyment of simply hanging laundry out to dry.

This blog is step one for me into creating a life I love and an enjoyment for what I have and what I can accomplish little by little. I am physically cleaning out my home and simplifying it. My home is small anyway so every inch counts. I am also cleaning out the laundry of my life. No more massive shopping sprees, no more spending out of budget, no more negative people to bring me down.  There are some very definite things I want to accomplish before my life is over. I want to redo my home, I want to travel (especially France, England, Germany and Italy….France being the number one on my list), I want to make sure I am prepared to live a long life without worrying about my expenses and I want to live using all my senses.