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It’s amazing how things change in such a short amount of time. It’s been two weeks since my last post and I have been quite busy. For a while I had been pondering over a problem. Should I stay in my current job position or try something different.

My job was not one which was unsatisfying; or not completely. For seven months I was working as a bakery clerk. In general, this appealed to me greatly as I very much enjoy baking. When this job was offered to me, I was excited beyond words. I had learned quite a lot about this position and was considering moving up as in a promotion and all seemed in place for that to happen. Then something happened.

I was hired on as a part-time worker but was working most weeks about 35 hours. This was fine. As a divorced woman, it was necessary for me to be able to pay my bills and cover other necessities. I could do this on the pay I was receiving. Then came the new year. All of the sudden I was hit with a cut in hours. I was told this is normal not to worry, maybe only a couple weeks. After over a month going from 35 to 30 to 26 and then to 16 hours. It was slowly dwindling down until the last week I came in and I had no hours on the schedule. When I approached management about what was going to happen I could not get a straight answer. Maybe I was to be put in another department. I really had no desire to work in a department other than the bakery. So now I had a decision to make.

I could stay and hope that after a while I may go back to my department. I could accept the move to another department (and the others in my department did not want me to be moved). Or I could take this moment as a fork in the road and decide which path I should take that would bring me happiness and satisfaction. I had once worked from home and considered this as a viable option.

After a bit of research and thought, I decided to go with the last option. There are benefits to this option. I no longer have to commute to work therefore I would save on gas money as well as the extra expense of eating out. I am also at home where I can do other things I need to do around the house. I can do laundry, cook my meals from home and if either of my parents should need me I am close by.

I am now using my skills that I have acquired over the past 10 years to work in a job which allows me a flexible schedule and the freedom to do other things. If friends want to have lunch on a given day, I am available. I have also found time for other endeavors like biking,baking and reading books on my kindle.

And finally it has given me time to organize just about everything. In these past two weeks I have set up a pantry shelf in my kitchen, organized my bowls, cookware, closets, bedrooms, desk and so much more. Right now I feel like I have made the best decision for me. You cannot have regrets. If at some point I feel the need for a change then I will make that decision at that time. Right now I am enjoying my life peu a peu.

*If you are interested in working from home there are many opportunities and resources online including oDesk, Working Solutions, LiveOps and many more. Always read some reviews before you apply and don’t expect these to be get rich quick opportunities. Never pay to have a place provide you with opportunities.