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Although we have had a very mild winter (not one single snow so far) it is still not yet Summer. We have had a lot of gloomy days and some rain. With regards to temperature though I cannot complain. Right now the temperature if 70 F. This has afforded me the opportunity to spend more time outdoors.

Some people find being at home boring but I very much enjoy my home. My house is unusual and distinct from any homes here in Alabama or most anywhere in the US. Here is a picture:

Round stone cottage

This house has always been a part of my life. So many memories from my childhood…..swimming in the pond, snow ice cream, Maw Maw Hudgins homemade biscuits and waffles. When the opportunity presented itself for me to live here, there was no hesitation. “Yes!”

It has two small rooms, one bathroom, a kitchen and an open living/ dining room/library/sitting area. I think myself different than many American people of the time. Most are trying to build larger and more expensive homes which they never see because they are too busy working, eating out and have their children in multiple activities. But for me, I love my small cottage.

During the Spring the flowers, some planted by me and some that were my grandmothers, bloom and their beauty is breathtaking.

The roses off my back deck.


White and Pink Roses

With all of this, how could you not love it.

Geoff and I like to stroll around the area as it is quiet and rural. Sometimes my uncle Jerry’s cattle are behind the house in the fence. I was outside the other day and I saw them. Since Geoff is a city fella and I am a country girl, I thought he might like to be introduced to our “neighbors” I went inside and gathered some apples and bread to take. We gathered our four adopted dogs and headed into the pasture.

White and Pink Roses

La Vache

Red Hot Pokers

Kimberly feeding the cow


Geoff went second.

It was a sunny day and the weather was just beyond wonderful. We enjoyed the walk in the pasture. Geoff is getting used to living in the country. Soon Spring and Summer will be here and gardens will be planted. I can’t wait until its warm enough to swim in the lake.

Yesterday I let the dogs stay out all day as it was nice and they were really enjoying lying out in the sun. I was expecting a call about my work at home job and could not leave but I needed something from the store and to make a deposit to the bank. Geoff was good enough to run the errands while I waited for my call. He has spoiled the dogs rotten and I think they simply cannot live without him. I watched as he pulled out from the drive and there they all were running after him. I thought it was nothing to worry about as they usually stop two houses down at my mothers. Well some time later I received a call and he said “Do you know where the dogs are?” I replied that I thought there were down at mom’s house. He said “No, I am at the entrance into the lake and Buddy, Black Dog and Bridgette are here” They were about a mile and a half away on the other side of the lake. I was not worried as much for Buddy as he is young and fast. Black Dog is old and has hip issues and Bridgette is a tiny little thing. Buddy’s paw is the size of her head. She was the one I was most worried about. Geoff did not want to put her in his new car (I understand) as she was wet so I grabbed a towel and got in the car to rescue my Bridgette. Buster was the only one that had run to mom’s and then come back. I think Bridgette scared herself going that far as the rest of the night she was a permanent fixture at my side. Everyone made it home and safe, errands were run and I got my call.



Black Dog


This is my lifestyle. It is not for everyone. I enjoy walks, cooking, my pets, reading, biking and now I even enjoy working from home.  When I was young family time was important. We would sit at the table and eat with one another and talk. I think far too many families do not sit down and eat together or spend quality time together like when I was young.   If you ask me about the memories I have here in my cottage it will be the experiences I had and not the items I was able to attain.